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Oxford go tournament 2024

Last weekend, the Oxford go tournament 2024 was held again for the first time after the pandemic. In total 54 players were present, some of which coming from as far away as Nottingham! In attendance were some of the best players in the UK, as well as almost complete beginners. Harry put in a lot of work to organise a side 9×9 tournament that was particularly popular with the youngsters. One of them played 39 (!) games in addition to their 3 tournament (19×19) games.

Thanks to generous sponsorship we were able to hand out quite a few prizes such as vouchers for online courses or Go books by a small German publishing company (Brett&Stein, you should check them out). We were able to bring out the customary Oxford Go club scroll as decoration, and they were much appreciated.

While we had lovely weather on the day, mother nature still prompted us to stay inside, for outside the rain was not quite gone yet.

Organising the tournament was quite a bit of work, but I hope that the work that Harry and I did this year can translate into a more streamlined process next year. That should leave more time to make sure that the clocks are all set correctly (whoops) and that the printer is working properly when it is needed (likely no amount of preparation is going to fix this, did you know that HP need to be connected to the internet EVEN if you just want to use them with a USB cable?). At least we left some room for improvement! See you all next year.